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Welcome to GlobalCreativeEnergy

Your specialist for the global certification of biomass

The Global CreativeEnergyGmbH (GCE) is one of the first worldwide certification centers which received the approval by the responsible public authorities to certify sustainable biomass based on the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EG (RED). This is associated with the right, after appropriate inspection, to issue certificates as well as conduct all inspections required by law for all corresponding kinds of biomass along the entire supply chain (sustainability certificate). In general, all certifications are carried out according to regulations established by the corresponding certification systems, e.g. ISCC (D), ISCC (EU), REDcert,  RTRS EU RED, RSB EU RED (and others)

As a consequence of the high complexity of these systems and also the certifiable business models, it is necessary for the certification center to be equally well qualified in the scientific as well as in the business management areas.

Because of the interdisciplinary employee structure and the long-lasting experience in relevant areas, GCE is ideally structured to carry out qualified certifications at any point of the supply and production chain worldwide

Basically, all imports of sustainable biomass into the European Union (EU) as well as all shipments within the European Union in the area of energetic utilization are subject to the regulations of the RED.

The implementation of the RED into national law varies to a certain extent and in Germany, the largest European domestic market, is effected by the sustainability enactment. A legal certificate issued by a member state is valid also in any other member state, insofar as the RED has been implemented there. This policy henceforth will be part of the EU-certification (e.g. in the ISCC system).

With regard to the utilization of biomass, the European Union has recently announced the expansion of the sustainability regulations into the areas of the chemical industry and provisions. Its implementation is expected within the next few years.