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Contemporary business ventures are increasingly embedded in an extremely complex surrounding which, to some extent, restricts the exclusion of single, possibly evident areas from the process of decision-making. A successful and long-lasting business venture therefore must identify and consider all relevant factors. This does not only apply to the current situation, but also to prospective developments and emerging trends since they may be of great significance in the near future. Practical experience shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult to conform to such requirements.


GlobalCreativeEnergy prefers an interdisciplinary approach with a certain emphasis on the legal regulations surrounding. Following thorough analysis a project team is assembled, which covers all relevant sub areas of a business venture. GCE typically utilizes the services of a professionally diverse human resources pool, which usually includes each a scientific, a business management and a legal background. By means of this interdisciplinary approach, we are capable of responsibly satisfying the often extremely complex requirements of our clients in need of certification.