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     Certification Process

1. Register with a certification system of your choice.

2. If you have chosen a certification by GlobalCreativeEnergy GmbH, complete the certification application formas well as the business description.

3. Return a signed copy to us via mail.

4. After we receive the filled-in forms, we will send you a list of requirements, so you may assemble the necessary documents and prepare for the subsequent certification.

5. You will receive a certification agreement which you must sign and return to us by mail after reviewing and consenting.

6. GCE then verifies your membership with a certification system.

7. GCE arranges for a joint time schedule regarding the audit.

8. GCE conducts an “on location” audit in cooperation with you.

9. GCE compiles an audit-report.

10. You receive your certificate according to the BioST-NachV or rather Biokraft-NachV.